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As I mentioned earlier insects are more prone to organic gardens. Although, they are not the only things you need to worry about. Weeds also attack faster in an organic garden. A few things you can do to prevent weeds from attacking is using the correct mulch and if possible burying a mesh layer underneath your soil a few inches down. These together can really help keep the weeds away for the entire season. For the ones that do get by, usually not many, you can pull them out by hand.

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Red wigglers are mostly top feeders. That is to say, you can just put your leafy scraps right on top of their dirt and they will be right there to feed. There is no need to work it in or anything like that. You can even toss slices of old bread on top and they will eat it from underneath. Remember, worms are an organic gardeners friend. In fact, put a bunch of them in each of your garden beds. They will continuously aerate your soil and keep it loose while at the same time they will be creating their famous worm poo and automatically fertilize your soil.