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pdx thursday dec 9 2010

It will also be a good idea to have variety in your garden. Remember variety is the spice of life. So by having various types of plants in your garden you will be able to attract good insects as well to help you with the need to use less pesticides.

Water farming has been around for eons of time; however, aquaponics or hydro farming is fast becoming popular. If gardening is your passion you will love this type of gardening.

Don’t become impatient. Organic Gardening takes time. It takes time to let your compost do its work so that your soil becomes rich and healthy. It also takes time for pest-control methods to work, such as building a beneficial insect population. Be patient. If you’re coming from a traditional background, you might be tempted to just dump synthetic fertilizer or toxic chemicals on your plants to get results quicker. But that will only set you back weeks if not months (or an entire growing season) if you wish to do things naturally again.