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Organic Gardening Tips – Dealing With Radish Root Maggots

Don’t chase away other allies like frogs and lizards. You already know that birds and certain insects are your allies. But remember that critters like frogs and lizards are too, as they eat a lot of insects.

I had already laid beer traps. These are shallow hummus containers filled with the cheapest beer. The Rodale folks rated a malt beverage number one, followed by Michelob and Bud. The next morning I only found large slugs, so I figure even slimy insects have an alcohol age limit.

Search for something you would like to promote. example is if you have a Organic Gardening ebook that you want to sell, you would search the term Growing Tomatoes maybe? Look at how many videos there are on growing tomatoes. Look at how many views they get, this will give you a clue on how ripe(forgive the pun) the market is.

Amending the soil: Since good soil is essential for a good garden, you need to amend the soil, if need be. The best way to do this is to add compost to it. You can either prepare the compost on your own or have this delivered at your doorsteps by a shop. You can also send the soil for testing for nutrients and acidity.

We placed an Ever Bamboo Premium Closet Deodorizer pack on my closet shelf. It was hard to notice if this product works well, because clothes usually do not stink. I did notice though that my clothes do not have that distinct laundry detergent and dryer sheets smell after using Ever Bamboo Premium Closet Deodorizer. Some people may not like that, but i like that my clothes do not smell like soap. My husband has quit smoking, so any odors on his closet shelf are no longer there. I think this product would be excellent for my parents, as they are both smokers and the odor of cigarettes is always noticeable on their clothing.

Do use cover crops. Some organic gardeners – even those with small plots – plant a fast-growing cover crop such as buckwheat. About three or four weeks before you’re ready to plant, mow the buckwheat and then work it into the soil. Now you have a natural compost working to add nutrients to the soil!

When planting transplants you want to space then 4 to 6 inches apart and about 2 inches deep.If you are planning on harvesting the onions young then you will want to use the closer 4 inch spacing.

Hops are crazy plants, but very fun to grow in organic gardens. They need a strong trellis system as they are very prolific in their summer growth. The hops are cone shaped flowers that are picked and then dried for brewing beer. There is a huge selection of Hops. Each adds its own unique flavor to the beer that is produced. Hops can be left in the ground all year long and cut back to about four inches tall in the fall. They are just that simple to grow.